Monday, 7 November 2011

♥하루 9

Annyeong! Had one of the best night of time. Steamboat buffet for dinner at the balcony of some restaurant at Bandar Sunway. Worthwhile, practically see over the beautiful night scenes of KL. Then a su pah gyler game of saboteur at bro's place afterwards. Lots of laughter, fun and FOOD. Our bloatedness could never be able to be verbalized homggg. spam eat, no joke. being a very kiamsiap person I'll try my best eat every penny I've paid (ok actually my bro paid for me hahaha oh well) paid. alright, more about this next time. Now Imma talk about the Planet Shakers live in malaysia concert held on 29th of October at the PJ heritage centre , which I attended with some youths from church.

The praise and worship is good, as usual but what more is important is that the Holy Spirit is filling us abundantly there, right through the entire short concert. and I'm very glad to see people accepting Christ at the end. Personally, I seriously, without doubt thinks its a right choice I myself will never regret. Ps Matt Fielder also gave a very interesting preach, keeping us lifted with his humour and how the Lord worked great things in his life. 

can definitely say one great night spent! God bless.

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