Wednesday, 30 November 2011

♥하루 17

WAZZUP. I'm extremely glad that nicole liked my fail photoshop photos. haha! Hope you enjoyed your birthday, mate. Anyway,

true. It felt like PMR just passed yesterday. December, my favourite month of the year! guess why? hahaha teeheehee. well, momoke will be back in three days time, to be honest, I really miss my mom already. Eventhough I don't appreciate getting nagged on and all but I don't like sleeping alone. (yes, I still sleep with my mom. ahem.) any more instant noodle meals I'm gonna die. wah, never thought I'd say this. shin ramyun is really yummy but joyceet says it takes 32 days to digest one single pack. I bet my intestines hates me now. Started learning how to cook something more serious and I tried spaghetti. Its veggie delite in tomato paste! I'm so proud of myself. 

Finally trimmed my fringe. Fresh new start for a new month! Happy december everybody Another sport distributor warehouse sale tomorrow. need skipping rope and new jogging shorts! hahaha! 
O right, time to go.


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