Saturday, 26 November 2011

♥하루 15: Prime mani pedi!

(photocredits: Joyceet koh)

Manicure and pedicure. This is one treatment I never thought I'd ever spent a penny on. Because peeling nail polish off my nails is one of hobbies, lol. The only times I had nail polish on is using testers in the mall. I'm that thick skinned ok. hahaha! but I finally had a real mani pedi treatment, thanks to the wonderful bro and big less! also groupon. The bro bought four vouchers for my sisters and big less. I didn't know I'm supposed to get my nails painted cause' the bro told me he want to get his nail painted dizzy disco pink.. o.o I'm stupid enough to take it seriously hahaha and cut ALL my nails (including my feet's) the night before. yeah, one of my hobbies is also cutting my nails. That is cause I absolutely hate the clack clack sound made on the piano. also, it is kind of crispy when we cut it heh.

But when we reached the place (somewhere in an unknown subang mall) only I'm told I was supposed to get the treatment too! Lol, the girl kept saying "SO SMALL YOUR NAIL!" (I'm used to cut my nails maximum until the skin) I believe she had a hard time trying to colour my little toenails. so paiseh you know hahaha. but overall their service is okay. Friendly also, but I don't really recommend parking in the mall. Its like RM6.50 for four hours. can not blame tho, theres pretty much  no one in the mall. Very peaceful lah, I can say.


It is not a large scale centre, but has very comfy interior.

shin ramyun for dinner! yummm.

Durian feast now. nom nom nom. 


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