Sunday, 6 November 2011

♥하루 7

HAI! I'm updating so much! yay gives us more reasons to view my blog now! *moronic grin. I'm going to talk about yesterday. Everything is pretty much good. Joyseet and me went to the RSH warehouse sale cause shes running out of sport foot wears. anyway. I nearly had a heart attack waking her up. we arrived quite late tho and theres already alot of people. the guard is nice enough to give us an illegal parking hahaha! the Ipanema is only selling for twenty bucks but there is rarely a size 38 to fit joyseet and my enormous giant feet *Sigh. It is very tiring rummaging in mountains of clothing, bags, shoes and sports equips. I think I grew muscles 8D after paying and all we left shortly to sunway.

this nike garbage plastic-like jacket she LOVES. but its too pricey even after discount so I buried it in her agony.

we had kim gary for lunch! steak korean noodles and kimchi for me! Yummm. The steak is so thin homg and it tastes like egg. I enjoyed the food anyway, and had to speed eat in the end cause I'm late for my plans with jess at gelateria. 

 Writing To-buy list while waiting for food to arrive!

nom nom!

but guess what. jess didn't come. she texted my phone but I borrowed my phone to joyseet so I didn't get the txt. had to walk-run to church alone in fear that the ice cream melts ): and I also realized the balloon buzz party centre had closed down. what lost. WHERE DO WE GET OUR HELIUM BALLOONS NOW?!

youth music practise!

Its nice to play captain ball again! I'm not good but at leeast I tried ahahaha. Then we had a smooth practise for sunday worship! and dinner at Pak Li's after. For what we always crave for,

cendol! We like we like 

Chi yan paid and ask everyone of us to guess how much is it. the one who guessed the closest to the precise then she will belanja. I guessed RM43 wahahaha. Thankiu chiyan!

great dinner, played a good game of I Spy With My Little Eye. The trip home was super funny too, our conversation was so rubbish I swear. Laughed till we get the hiccups and our tummies hurt. Went home and slept! too tired to do anything else already.

p/s HAPPY HOLIDAY TOMORROW! one utama for lion king! *excited.

awwwww! hahaha!
good afternoon!

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