Friday, 25 November 2011

♥하루 14: What to do when the electricity's cut off (grandmother story-formed)

YELLOW!I'm so sorry for not updating  stop reminding me ok! hahaha. Anyway, its one good week. I had the most terrifying afternoon yesterday some day in the past two weeks (I'm supposed to post this earlier, sigh.) so I've been literally 'cooking drama porridge' since the official SPM holiday started when I found this in euniceet's wardrobe. Its my honour to open her birthday gift before she did, laughs.

Believe me, I had never loved TVB dramas that much. I watched it and finished 25 episodes in a week. It got me going wherever proudly feeling like a forensic pathologist/smart ass and became super observant to psychology behaviours of everybody to the fibre and dust at the stairs. hahaha, anyway, it was raining dinosours and lions that afternoon. I am home alone, momoke went out for a treatment. chilled weather, perfect for mystery dramas, I thought. 

Boy, was I wrong. 

*writing suspense novel mode: ON* Thunderstorms never really scare me. I don't exactly appreciate it either, but I'm not that timid. The soft grumble from the sky was just fine. Soothening, even. Until when I'm totally in focus of a new case reported, and my brain is going through a rough storm trying in vain to crack the case. (I always like guessing who is liable, it makes me feel very smart, ahem.) *dramatic* and suddenly an extremely loud thunder was heard and I was plunged into pitch black darkness.

I'm stunned. actually, I didn't move for quite a long time, considering what to do next.  Anyway I can't stand the darkness any longer and rang the bell next door to see if she is facing the same problem. but it seemed like noone's at home so I stood in my garage in fear of getting barbequed in the rain. The storm rumbled on while I waited and sang. no, my singing is not particularly good (actually, it is not good at all but I don't mind singing, since theres no one around, cough. furthermore it kind of comforted my worries.)

To cut the story short,  I think all the thunder and lightning had deafen everyone so I got ignored in a very pathetic manner. besides, I'm a very impatient person so I defcided to put matters into my hands. I switched off all the sockets with a towel and went to check the electric box on top of my dad's aquarium with a plastic chair. The fish swam over to me thinking there's food (FISH NEVER STOP EATING. SERIOUS.) and stared at me with their bulging lidless eyes. Anyway, in case you never knew what an electric box is, it look like this.

ours is probably more complicated in ways. with two more rows of those switches. I prayed so hard and hoped I had paid more attention to the KH teacher whilst shes teaching the electric chapter ): I'm extremely scared of being pan fried even using the towel. so I randomly picked a switch. and guess what? the oxygen pump for the aquarium came to live instantly! bubbly bubbly. Ok, I think I forgot to switch off that one. hahaha! but who cares. I'm so happy! and thank God everything was ok, I didn't get myself cooked via electric in any ways.

Thanks for spending your time listening, or reading my story. hahaha I thought it was my first time being alone during an electric shortage so I'd write it down and read it when I'm old. heh.

(I swear I didn't google anything)

1) Get torches/ light up candles but becareful not to burn your house down. (play with shadows on walls! I never really seem to get my dog right)
2) Carefully switch off all the power. including the oblivious ones like the refrigerator, television or the oxygen pump in your aquarium ahem. hahaha.
3)If you're alone: call to inform your family. if you're not interested to get the power back on (I was desperate back then, I've a drama to chase or put it in a formal way, a case to crack ahaha.) go to sleep. its all chilly and nice on a rainy day. good time to snooze (Y)
4) If you don't have a phone (I didn't! the stupid thunder hit it. and the modem asdfghjkl) go over to a neighbour for company. or sing if you got ignored. personal experience ok.
5)By making sure you don't use your bare hands (wear gloves or use something. MAKE SURE IT IS AN ELECTRIC INSULATION and is not intact with water) open the electric box.
6)I'm really lucky with that wild guess. Normally the switch to let electricity run again is the second from your right at the lower row. it is one of those which is commonly bigger in size. 
7) IF, you face an electricity failure, meaning it has something to do with the main electric box of your area (can be confirmed by the neighbours), stay at your neighbour's place for the moment. if not, sleep 

I hope this works for you. After this, I experienced that even such trivial matter (rightt.) actually mattered alot. If I didn't know whats the cause of the black-out I'd have to wait for several hours more until someone comes home to rescue me. I thank God I didn't get any problems and got the switch right. Maybe we all should start learning the simple emergency methods from our parents. like knowing the right switch for the lights to come on again, or even knowing where is the electric box hahaha.

ok, so much said. Most of you probably wouldn even bother to read all of it (tags sukkie) but thanks for viewing anyway! It made my day and if you bothered to read everything, the reason I was missing in action for this past weeks is cause the modem and phone brokedown. Everything solved now! Thanks to TM. They're really nice and polite. 

p/s Momoke's at china until the end of the week and pap's leaving for singapore today. I'm not sure how to function the washing machine... oops.


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