Sunday, 27 November 2011

♥하루 16: Happy B'day Nicolette!

This is for 14th of November.

I'm so guilty to say I really, really owe one very special person big time. I know I'm not the most sensitive or most caring person in the world, but I know I really suck. Not only that I had miscounted her birthdate (yes! its a she, a beautiful one too! wink. and ok, I'm sorry about the maths lol), I've also ffk-ed and broken my promises with her countless times (she said 8, but I'm pretty sure there's much more..), I mistook her favourite animal (panda) as a raccoon in her present, and.  well, the list would be longer than blogger will allow so, as a token of apologize for this fairest maiden in the land (I'm watching Bedtime Stories hahaha), I had her most favourite people to wish her happy birthday personally! guess who?


Thanks for sitting with me whenever jonie's absent (ok, farah you too haha), accepting my shortcomings and temper, accompanying me for walks around the school, listening to my rantings and complaints, understanding and keeping my secrets, making me laugh with the most dumb jokes and smile when I have mood swings. You know I love you. Thanks for everything, panda! 

Sorry I can't do better. photoshop hates me, sob.

p/s The long awaited year end sales is here! teeheehee.


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