Friday, 4 November 2011

♥하루 5

I've had a good day! But its only 5.47 in the afternoon so its not entirely a day yet.. but anyways, I had a really good morning with my eldest sister, euniceet. We actually planned to watch Lion King in 3D but its not on screen at Sunway. so disappointing can ): But without rain, there won't be rainbow! *combs misai with fingers like a wise man* We went for something else then.

yes, I understand the fact that no one should actually trust my recommendations on two(or more) things. Food, movies and.. food. Or maths formulae, if we're sharing. I watch basically all the movies and thinks they're great. (oh, except for horror movies. like paranormal activities !@#$%%^#%**) Maybe I've only watched the great ones, I don't know, but well. I won't give you a synopsis because I'm very lazy and I think you really should watch this. Nope, no hot guys starring, except if you count eddie murphy hot ..

ok he is not hot. but VERY funny.

anyways. we FINALLY had delicious for lunch, abit overpriced but I heard that the sunway branch wasn't that satisfying. Well personally I think it is okay. I like the atmosphere, service, and I eat whatever so I'll go there again. and will definitely bring my parents or brother along hahahahaha *hint hint. I've to thank euniceet for today tho, she paid practically everything for me whilst I actually promised to treat her . I only paid for some cotton pads she bought at guardian's. I'm still a young, unemployed student! ): *wide eyes for innocent effect* I felt very fortunate to have such beloved and generous siblings who would always be there for me. TEEHEEHEEE.

had euniceet's long craved Zen Q and apparently bought a form four maths exercise book. well momoke thinks I could use more exercise in preparation for next year without PPSMI. aaah.

have a great night. 


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