Friday, 11 November 2011

♥하루 12

Oh hai. Its raining heavily outside. Cool weather yes, but I'm freezing inside already brrrr :s Anyways, updates on the field trip on wednesday! Also the last day of school for 2011. It doesn't really matter cause we'd started our holiday several weeks ago already wahahaha. The field trip turn out exceptionally fun! Lets see.

We're in kangaroo bus A! A for Excellent. I love the big buses. road ownage #likeaboss

We Jess camwhored for everyone on the way. and we watched Kungfu panda 2 on the bus. rrrrofl.

 The sun jess, we love the sun  (inside joke)

Our first destination is the pewter company! 

Royal Selangor!

Their canteen is su pah beautiful. me likes. 

 and for the workers who served above 5 years get their handprints on the walls!


we get to draw on our individual cups heeheehee.

 McD for lunch. 
Tcha treated everyone sundaes!  I think we all became popsicles while eating and watching siti nurhaliza bouncing around on stage in tv. air cond cold ttm, no joke. CFC! asdfghjkl.

then we headed to muzium negara. educational trip, they say.

 behind us is dunno who lah *frus. we waited for rounds to get a picture with em'(they're on some spinning platform)

and then the soap factory!

 they make soaps that look exactly like cupcakes and icecreams. scary.

we get to design our own "soap in soap" (SOAPCEPTION!). the above one is mine. its a heart shape if you fail to notice. and the second one is Jane's! spelled 2PM 

then we headed back. school sweet school!  

a very good day! Learned alot actually. Quite educational yes. I'd one to try that again someday! (photo credits: Jane Young, Jess Lyn, Kylie Tee)

good morning, 
have a blessed day.

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